Image credit: Grab

Grab is currently opening public registrations to be part of their fleet of GrabBike riders. GrabBike, like Indonesia’s Gojek , is a motorcycle e-haling service. 

The new service is still in its beta stage and it will run a six-month pilot programme starting January next year. The application slots are only open to those residing in the Klang Valley and will be able to take on both GrabBike as well as GrabFood orders. 

Like signing up to be a GrabCar partner, there are certain criteria that need to be met – two of which includes owning a motorcycle that is no older than 5 years; and the applicant must have an official bike license. Registrations close this December 2. For customers, this is exciting news as we’ll have a new mode and possibly cheaper mode of ride-sharing next year. 


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