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Apple has removed its “Ratings and Reviews” tab without any warnings beforehand, and nobody knows why.

The buyer review section is now removed from Apple’s online retail store page, and this applies to the U.S., U.K., Australian and Malaysian Apple pages. Using the Wayback Machine, AppleInsider managed to discover the  estimated date of removal which is on November 17, as the reviews were still there on November 16.

Apple silently removed the "Ratings and Reviews" tab from its online retail site 1Many believe that Apple may have removed the “Ratings and Reviews” tab due to a significant number of negative reviews, which is disappointing since Apple’s decision to keep those negative reviews proved that they’re being transparent. This is also why the removal of the tab could be a mistake and Apple may just bring it back.

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One thing’s for sure, most of the hardcore Apple fans will still buy the products anyway — with or without the ratings and reviews.

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