One of the necessities of a road trip is good music and Spotify plans to do just that for you with its new feature, Soundtrack your Ride.

The new feature allows Spotify users to create and customise their own playlist with the help of Spotify so they can have a perfect road trip playlist before starting their journey. Spotify will first ask them to set the length of their trip, followed by a quick quiz and lastly, offer a selection of songs based on their listening habits and quiz choices.

Spotify's 'Soundtrack your Ride' creates a playlist that fits the length of your road trip 1If you can’t estimate your length of trip, you can always depend on Google Maps. As for the quiz, it has been reported that Spotify will ask you questions like “What is your ultimate driving song?”, “What’s your drive vibe?”, and a few more questions.

Interestingly enough, the feature is only available via website so far so you can’t really do the quiz in the desktop or mobile app. However, the “Soundtrack your Ride” playlist will still appear on your Spotify app, so at least we’ve got that going.

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