Instead of just following Twitter users, you can now follow topics that interest you on Twitter.

Twitter tweeted about the new feature, introducing the Topic feature that is now available to Twitter’s desktop version and Twitter app on iOS and Android. Users will be able to follow topics that they find interesting, so they’ll get to see the top tweets of the topic, regardless of whether they follow the Twitter accounts or not. 

You can also check the topics you’ve followed on the profile icon menu and unfollow whichever topics you’ve lost interest in. According to Twitter’s help page, they’ll prompt you to follow topics they think you’re interested in; you can also search for a topic in the search bar. 

This feature will be rolling out today so it might take you a few days before you get the Topics feature. Others will be able to see the topics you follow when they check out your profile and Twitter said that the maximum visible topics shown will be 100. However, you can access Your Twitter data for more information and to deselect any Interest you’re not interested in so that Twitter does a better job at suggesting topics for you to follow.

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