Apple’s next few years are expected to be including AR and VR technology, starting with the iPad Pro sporting 3D sensors when it launches next year.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new iPad Pro will be equipped with dual camera on its rear and the 3D sensor system will let people create “reconstructions of rooms, objects and people”. In addition, the Face ID sensor will also be enhanced and will be available on the newer Apple mobile devices. Next year’s iPhones will also come with 5G support and the 3D sensor.

Apple rumoured to release the new iPad Pro with 3D sensor next year, followed by AR headset and AR glasses 1After 2020, Apple is rumoured to release an augmented reality headset that’s codenamed N301. The device will be a slimmer version of Oculus Quest and support both AR and VR. After the release of N301, Apple is said to release a smaller pair of AR glasses which can be worn for long-term. There will also be a chance that Apple will use lenses that darkens when it’s being used so that others will know when the wearer is occupied by the AR glasses.

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At least now we know what to expect from Apple for the upcoming years.

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