The Like Patrol app has been removed from App Store due to Instagram’s claim that the app can be used to spy on others.

Just last month, Instagram has removed the Following tab where you can see what other Instagrammers (that you follow) have liked, commented or followed. Despite Instagram’s attempt to prevent their users from stalking each other, an app known as Like Patrol has surfaced — allowing users to do the exact opposite of what Instagram had in mind.

Apple removes stalking app "Like Patrol" that lets you spy on other Instagram users 1Like Patrol not only does what the Following tab can, but also offers notification to users when someone they follow interact with other users. Instagram believes that the app is scraping their users’ data, resulting in Instagram sending a cease-and-desist letter to the company near the end of October.

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This app that is only available to iOS users is now removed from App Store, but its founder Sergio Luis Quintero intends to get the app back up.

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