As we are about to conclude our review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, we have decided to have famed photography hobbyist Gradient Lok take our unit to his annual astrophotography trip that took place in Lombok, Indonesia a couple of weeks back.

Gradient, just like his name, loves taking landscape scenery photos that boasts great color and contrast. While having a deep interest in astrography, his fame rose on social media when he started doing astrophotography with a Huawei P8, which eventually brought him opportunities in testing out smartphone cameras.

Here are some of the photos taken by him using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, do left click on them to open in a new browser tab to view the full resolution. Enjoy!

iPhone 11 Pro Max Milky Way
The Milky Way over Mt Rinjani, taken with 30 seconds exposure time, images stacked using Sequator, colors are further enhanced with Adobe Photoshop.
iPhone 11 Pro Max Panaroma, Lombok
A panorama photo of Mount Rinjani with Earth Shadow and Belt of Venus. No post processing is done.
iPhone 11 Pro Max Telephoto
Zooming into Mount Rinjani using the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s telephoto lens.
iPhone 11 Pro Max Ultra Wide
Dusk, taken with the ultra-wide sensor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera
The cloud is surrounding the tip of Mount Rinjani.
iPhone 11 Pro Max Galaxies
Enter the Galaxy, shot with a 30 second exposure time with iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Night Mode.

Fancy a timelapse video too? Here you go.

What do you guys think about these shots? Let us know in the comments and if you like them, you are free to download these photos at no cost but we’d appreciate if you could give us a shoutout and follow Gradient’s Instagram.

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