YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium are finally here in Malaysia, allowing Malaysians to consume videos and music without going through the endless amount of advertisements.

There will be a two-month free trial for YouTube Premium and a one-month free trial for YouTube Music alone. The perks of being a Premium member also include background play whereby you can play your YouTube videos and music even with your screen locked, even if you are launching another app.

Sadly, there is a price difference for iOS and Android users. YouTube Premium is RM17.90/month for individual membership and RM26.90/ for family membership that can be shared up to five family members. However, iOS users have to pay a slightly higher price; RM23.90/month for individual membership and RM35.90/month for the family membership.

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If you’re only interested in YouTube Music Premium, you can subscribe for RM14.90/month for individual membership and RM22.90/month for family membership — similar to Apple Music and Spotify. iOS users will have to pay a higher price of RM19.90/month and RM29.90/month for the respective memberships.


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