Some Twitter users have been facing issues on timeline auto-scrolling but thankfully Twitter has addressed the issue and is rolling out a fix for the bug.

iOS users have found their Twitter timelines update and random moments, causing last published tweets to pop up while they’re scrolling through their timelines. This means that at any time when an iOS user is reading a tweet, a thread or just watching videos posted by other Twitter users, the app will just automatically refresh itself and bring users back to the top.

Twitter has acknowledged the problem and asked its users to update their iOS app to version 8.1.5 but since it’s rolling out, you may have to wait another few days for the update to arrive at your region.

Twitter users also took the chance to reply to Twitter’s fix announcement by revealing more problems faced. Some complained about freezing when getting notifications or typing tweets, while others are saying that the desktop version is also facing similar auto-scrolling issues.


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