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We’re going to try and explain this the best we can – Facebook has sent over an e-mail letting us know that they’ll be changing the wordmark logo of their company. It’s important to note that both the Facebook company and app share the same name – but from now on, the app will bear the same logo as before, while the company itself will take on a new, edgier look. 

Image credit: Facebook

The new logo will be in be in uppercase and will sport “custom typography” – the colour itself, in its neutral state, will be grey. We say neutral state because it apparently can take on the colours of the company’s other offerings such as WhatsApp and Instagram (so green and pink).  

According to the company, the move to introduce a new look is to differentiates themselves from the aforementioned offerings – at face level, this seems trivial; but the optimist in us think Facebook is planning something bigger, perhaps an acquisition of more brands, thus making the wordmark differentiation more important. 

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