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In appears that not all is smooth sailing for world-number-one phone maker Samsung, as news have surfaced of a retrenching in their Texas CPU outpost.

The Korean giants apparently plan to halt the production and development of their custom Mongoose CPU cores for their Exynos chipsets. They will be utilizing ARM chips instead. Mongoose CPU cores are used as high-power chips within the CPU housing alongside mid-tier and low-powered ARM Cortex cores. With this news, it means that future Exynos chipsets will bell all-Cortex.

It’s still unsure if they will make custom versions of these Cortex processors like with Qualcomm and their Kyro cores in the Snapdragon processors.

It has been reported that 290 employees from custom CPU division will be laid off. According to Samsung, the company is doing this in order to remain competitive in the global market.

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