UPDATE: U Mobile has issued an official statement regarding the matter: U Mobile always aims to provide the best experience to all our valued customers. With regards to U Mobile’s GX50 and GX30 plans the offering of unlimited data for all apps still applies. However, with network being a shared resource, we have in place a Fair Usage Policy to ensure our services  maintain quality and performance levels. The Policy tackles disruption caused by usage patterns of a small number of customers which may affect the overall experience and usage of other customers. Hence, the purpose of this policy is to ensure all our customers have good network experience. 

Halloween has just passed, but it looks like U Mobile is still trying to give its users a fright – specifically those subscribed to their GX50 and GX30 Giler Unlimited plans.

A photo has been circulating online detailing the updated Fair Use Policy for both products – both have the monthly threshold set at 50GB per month – and here’s a doozy, once the threshold has been reached, your network speed will be throttled to 0.5Mbps from 8pm until 1am. But hey, 50GB per month is still ample for the regular user.

U Mobile GX30 and GX50 unlimited data plans aren't actually unlimited and throttles speeds to 0.5Mbps 1
Image credit: Winrayland

This will hurt even more when you realize this is a further drop from the initial 1.5Mbps throttle that already exists. Sure, prior to reaching the threshold you’ll still get 5Mbps with the GX50 and 3Mbps with the GX30, but cross the threshold and that’s when the throttling takes place.

The new implementations have been in effect since 21 October – so if you’ve been experiencing some slow down during the cut-off time, now you know what’s up. If you’re feeling the pinch of slow internet, you can remove the speed cap if you purchase Turbo Booster for RM5.

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Kerja Sendiri
8 months ago

50GB is big enough for light internet user but with that capped thing and highest speed is only 5mbps, maybe I should go for Digi.

7 months ago

Umobile is the worst mobile service provider in the world. They duped their customers with false informations on their mobile packages.Don’t ever subscribe with them. Digi is still the best.

Razi Flower
Razi Flower
7 months ago

Menyakitkan hati betul, sedih rasanya bila dipermainkan. Bayar mahal tapi internet terlalu perlahan. Kalau pihak umobile tak sedar juga saya yakin yang pengguna akan pindah ke telco lain. Saya pun sudah lama menggunakan telco dan sabar dengan internetnya slow tapi sekarang semakin bertambah slow internetnya. Fikir-fikirkanlah ye akibatnya nanti

6 months ago

Umobile bullshiting, I have been using GX30 but every month same slow speed even at the beginning of the counter monthly. Changed to GX38, same slow. Used booster to see “full speed” but bull shit got lah, no faster, same dead speed. 0.1~1Mbps??!! Once a while sluggishly 3Mbps for few seconds. Complained already saying no plan to improve.. what kind of telco, want to sell but can’t honor your promise. This is based on 3G setting. Can’t even use 4G setting. If 4g setting lagi slow. What happened Umobile?? But in 4g mode, uploading speed above 10Mbps!! But uploading won’t… Read more »