Are you heavily dependent on Google Maps but still paranoid about being stalked somehow? Well, Google Maps has launched Incognito mode for Maps, so you don’t have to worry about people knowing about places you’ve been.

Currently, the Incognito mode is only available for Android users, though iOS support is said to be on its way too. With Incognito mode switched on, the Maps app won’t be sending you any notifications, nor will it be able to save your browse and search history. In addition, it will not be utilising your personal data to personalise Maps for you and if won’t be able to update your location history or shared locations. 

Android users can now use Incognito mode in Google Maps 1Moreover, you won’t be able to use offline maps, commute and media integration. The way we see it, the whole Incognito mode is to keep you off the radar of everyone else, except for yourself. To turn it on, you just have to tap on your profile picture in the app and select “Turn on Incognito mode”.

On Google’s support page, the Google employee also mentioned that the Incognito feature is rolling out in stages, so if you’re an Android users who hasn’t receive the update, just be patient.


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