Samsung’s recent blunder with its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has caused some commotion, but the company has come up with a fix with its latest software update.

As reported by Reuters, Samsung apologised for their mistake and has reminded Galaxy phone users to update their software to fix the fingerprint sensor issue. Users will also have to re-register their fingerprints after they’ve updated their devices, and they have to do so without the screen protectors.

Samsung releases software update to fix fingerprint authentication issue 1
Image credit: Samsung

While it’s good news that Samsung has introduced a fix, this also means that all the affected users will have to spend extra cash on getting a new screen protector. In the meantime, there are already several banks that have already excluded the Samsung devices from their apps and fingerprint log-in methods.

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So if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy Note 10 devices — some say the latter is also affected — then it’s best if you update your phone as soon as possible.

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