Google may have just launched the Google Pixel 4, but there are already several complaints regarding the phone, including its inconsistent 90Hz refresh rate display.

The Google Pixel 4 has what Google labelled “Smooth Display”, but the 90Hz refresh rate has found to reduce when the screen brightness level drops. Reddit users found that the inconsistent refresh rate drops whenever the screen brightness is below 75%, yet if the room lighting is bright enough, the refresh rate stays at 90Hz.

The Google Pixel 4 faces inconsistent refresh rate issue; Google promises to fix it soon 1
Image credit: Trusted Reviews

Google has responded to The Verge when asked, revealing that the refresh rates are sometimes lowered down when battery saver is switched on or when certain video content is at 24fps/30fps. However, Google also mentioned that it will be offering a fix to this issue so that the display will remain at 90Hz in different brightness conditions. 

Google was also criticised recently for excluding eye recognition in its face unlock authentication. The tech giant has also promised to issue an update for that problem, but the update will be coming later in the next few months, while the current refresh rate issue will be fixed in the next few weeks.

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