Instagram implemented a new policy a month ago to limit post regarding weight loss products and cosmetic surgeries, now the company pushes in that direction to remove AR filters that are in relevance to cosmetic surgery.

Some may not know this, but Facebook has a tool for the public to create face filters called Spark AR Creators. Some cosmetic surgery-related filters include Plastica and Fix Me — the latter shows users which part of their fix should be “fixed” and how it should be done.


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fix me filter just out – come live your plastic surgery fantasy

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On Spark AR’s Facebook Page, the admins have expressed their concern regarding the issue, stating that they will be “removing all effects associated with plastic surgery” and also “postponing approval of new effects associated with plastic surgery”. 

This has instead led to some complaints among the page community. Users are worried that face deformation filters that are meant to be funny will also be removed with the new policy. The new policy has yet to be completely rolled out, but it seems to have caused a stir among its users already.

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