SOCAR has steadily grown since its inception in early 2018 – the car-sharing platform now has 2,000 cars in their inventory from a meagre 240 a year ago.

Plus, SOCAR is expanding their door-to-door car delivery service in the Valley along with a rebrand to SOCAR2U. The service now covers areas such as USJ 21, Bukit Bintang and Kota Damansara. Users can book their preferred vehicle and choose to have it delivered to their preferred pick-up point; for an additional RM10, you can also choose your preferred return location, as long as it’s within covered areas.

Also, you will now 26 different car models to choose from – from the humble Perodua Alza, to the classy BMW 330e.

To celebrate the expansion, SOCAR is organizing an ongoing online game that gives players the chance to win promo codes worth RM500,000 in total. You can play the game here. For more information on SOCAR, visit their website here.

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