Samsung takes another hit; it was recently discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has a “faulty” ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that allows anyone to unlock the phones as long as there’s a screen protector on top of the phone.

Simply put, if you want to hack into someone’s Galaxy S10, just get a screen protector and you’ll have access in no time. Samsung has already acknowledged the problem and promised to provide a solution in the next software update, but that doesn’t stop others from taking precautionary measures.Samsung's fingerprint vulnerability issue is causing banks to blacklist the affected phones 2

Reddit users from UK have been reporting on the platform that two UK banks — NatWest and Nationwide Building Society — has already taken the necessary measures. Natwest has completely removed its app on PlayStore for Galaxy S10 users (meaning non-S10 users can still access it) while the Nationwide Building Society disabled the fingerprint log-in option in the app.

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Samsung also confirmed that the Galaxy S10 series aren’t the only ones that can be easily bypassed. Apparently, the Note 10 series are also affected. Samsung reassured its consumers by promising a solution via its software update by this week but in the meantime, if you have one of the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 phones, either give up on your screen protector or just make sure it’s always with you.

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