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As we embrace iOS 13 for the year to come, we will expect all the devices getting the update to see a jump up in overall experience in the department of usability and performance.

One of the features introduced with the new OS includes Dark Mode. For the longest time, dark modes and themes on any device are lauded for its ability to improve power consumption – OLED displays, such as the ones on newer iPhones, simply turn off individual pixels to output the blacks in a content, saving power consumption in return.

iOS 13 Dark Mode proves highly effective at power efficiency, tests show 1
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We’ve known this for some time, but the folks at PhoneBuff decided to put iOS 13’s Dark Mode to the test to see exactly how much power it saves. They compared it to a phone with light mode and the results are as you’d expect.

After using an iPhone with apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, Messages and more, the results show that the Dark Mode-enabled phone had 30% battery left at the time its light mode counterpart hit zero battery life.

A chart shows how significant the drop in battery life is throughout the phones’ seven-and-a-half-hour use – it starts off fairly neck-and-neck, but while the Dark Mode device was at 72%, we see its counterpart drop to 57%; it further drops down to 20% while Dark Mode still has 43% left. Dark Mode essentially could save you half the battery consumption during certain moments during your use.

With Dark Mode, you still get the same amount of work done while having more than enough juice to get you home with navigation at the end of your day. This is bolstered by the fact that more apps are starting to implement their own dark mode features.

Besides looking cool, you should start using Dark Mode to save yourself charging time and perhaps get you out of a bind eventually.

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