Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Look away children – not because its Halloween season, but because the reverse notch has reared its ugly head again. This time, Samsung’s the one behind the horrid mask.

According to LetsGoDigital, the Korean company has filed a patent for the wretched design which sees one main lens and either one more supporting lens and a studio light, or two supporting lenses. As you’d expect, the notch invades the forehead of the phone to allow for a fuller display – we reckon in an attempt to keep the phone slim, a pop-up module was not considered, hence the patent we see now.

We first saw a similar design from Xiaomi a while back, and we cringed. We are still cringing now. A reverse notch just seems like a regular smartphone – the patent shows empty spots next to the notch. If they’re blacked out, then you essentially have a regular smartphone, like the Pixel 4; if they fill it out with something, then it’ll be interesting, but what exactly will they place there? Motion sensors perhaps?

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The original notch design was unnecessary to begin with, a reverse notch looks to be even more unnecessary.


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