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The Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up are impressive devices – the most affordable of the lot, the Galaxy S10e was a more compact model that offered the most important aspects of the flagship series, without the other frills. All three models sold quite well, and most likely still are.

Reports suggest however, that Samsung may be set to interrupt the flow a bit with the introduction of the Galaxy S10 Lite – the name is apparently just a place holder for now, and it’s most likely going to manifest itself as the Galaxy A91, which was previously reported to be available next year.

Regardless of what Samsung decides to call it, the phone looks to be as impressive as the Galaxy S10 – it’s said to have a Snapdragon 855 (probably Exynos 9820 when it arrives here), 8GB RAM with 128GB storage, a 4,500mAh battery with 45W fast charging support. Despite its ‘Lite’ moniker, it’s starting to look even better than the regular Galaxy S10 already, even better than the Galaxy S10+.

Meanwhile in the imaging department, we see a 48MP main camera, a 12MP wide angle lens, and a 5MP depth sensor. At the front is a 32MP selfie shooter. Again, what in the world is this Galaxy S10 Lite – there’s nothing ‘lite’ about it.

It has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, making it larger than the Galaxy S10+! If it is indeed the Galaxy A91, then we reckon there will be a 5G variant as well, since its little brother, the Galaxy A90, does. So far, this is looking like the dream phone –  the Galaxy A90 is expected to cost around RM2,899; so we reckon the Galaxy A91 could just break the RM3,000 threshold, perhaps just below the Galaxy S10 (RM3,299) just to justify its ‘Lite’ moniker.

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