Instagram recently added new security features that privacy-concerned individuals will appreciate. The new in-app features will offer more control when it comes to data sharing with third-party apps and websites.

Third-party apps that require your Instagram account usually ends up with a certain amount of access to your Instagram data when you permit or connect them to your Instagram. You may have agreed to grant a long-term access to many third-party apps or websites for a one-time thing, but that can be easily reversed now. 

Instagram's new security update grants more control towards third-party data sharing 1You just have to click Settings > Security and click on “Apps and website” to check the apps (both active and expired) that have access to your data. If you found any that you didn’t want to share your data with, just remove them and they’ll be unable to access to your data from then on.

Moreover, Instagram also updated their authorisation screen so that Instagram users are given sufficient information on the data they’re sharing with the third parties when they request for access. For example, if a third party request for access and you’ve found that the data they want is inappropriate or over the top, you can choose to cancel the authorisation.

Instagram announced these updates to roll out in the next six months, but if you’re residing in Malaysia, then you’ve probably already gotten the update.

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