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WhatsApp – its as reliable as they come. Part of why it’s so widely used across the globe is due to the developers’ constant efforts to improve the app, making it better and easier to use in every update.

As we welcome iOS 13 to iPhones, it appears WhatsApp will be making their mark in the new OS with a few interesting changes to the app. One of which is playing voice messages directly from the notifications tray, by long pressing the message.

Also in the new update is a feature a doodle feature for users to quickly edit and send back an image or video within a chat. Speaking of images and videos, you can also edit the font styles in the WhatsApp camera UI.

Steering away from the practicality side of things, memoji can now be sent as stickers, in case the existing ones aren’t sassy enough for you.

Really interesting ease-of-life updates from WhatsApp, but no word on when we can expect some of these features to arrive on Android yet. In any case, keep an eye out for the latest WhatsApp updates from the App Store or Play Store.


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