Call of Duty Mobile was launched at the beginning of this month and it has been a huge hit since its release. However, there are many features that has yet to come to the mobile version and one of the most-requested ones is controller support.

While most of us may be used to gaming on phones with just our fingers tapping and scrolling on the screens, those who are more invested into gaming might be accustomed to gaming with consoles — especially when it comes to shooting games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. Fortunately, Activision has acknowledged said request and responded to its Reddit community.

“We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we’d have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced,” wrote the company in its Reddit post.

Apart from that, the company is also trying to include more login options, improve the overall game performance and bring in more ways for players to report cheaters.


    • yup I guess so, even my friends so interested in playing this game.. using good telco can give us better gaming experience like celcom.. so cool..

  1. Waaa .. Not bad .. Dh mcm PUBG la plak .. Emm .. Mohon share skit nk pakai line internet ape yg ok .. Hahaha .. Nanti pakai yg x ok, asyik lag je .. Dngr cite line CELCOM best .. Btul ke ?

  2. Game FPS mcm game Call of Duty nie mmg best lau ade support controller .. Tpi, line internet is much more important la .. Currently, the best internet line is CELCOM la .. Hahaha ..

      • So far sye pakai CELCOM mmg ok sngt2 .. Sbb nye sblm nie dh penah try mcm2 provider .. Nk kate mahal sngt 2 x de hal .. Sbb nye tngk jgk internet connection die mcm mane ..

  3. Xbox Elite Controller sesuai untuk mereka yang mempunyai PC yang cantik dan bergaya, yang mempunyai Swedish headphones yang dibuat daripada gelas vulkanik. Dengan gabungan ini, ia nampak lebih mewah dan menarik. Controller ini sangat kukuh dan boleh dikonfigurasikan. Ia juga jenis yang wireless dan senang dimain dimana-mana.
    Tapi, maybe ia tidak sesuai untuk pemain yang tangannya bersaiz kecil kerana mempunyau button yang besar dan controller ini bersaiz lebar. Harganya juga lebih tinggi daripada gamepad biasa.


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