Apple has released macOS 10.15 Catalina today, marking the end of iTunes and the beginning of new features like separate app for Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV, and also Sidecar.

In addition, Mac users will also get to enjoy iPad apps on their Macs as the new Mac Catalyst allows developers to create Mac app from iPad apps so these apps can run smoothly between the two platforms.

macOS Catalina is official, killing iTunes once and for all while introducing Sidecar 1With macOS Catalina, Apple users will also be able to access to Apple Arcade on their Macs, in addition to finding new improvements in Safari, Reminders, Notes and Photos. Mac users will also get Screen Time — a feature well-received by iOS users.

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What really caught my attention is Sidecar. Sidecar is the new feature that lets Mac users use their iPads as a second display. What’s even better is that the Apple Pencil can be used when it comes to third-party Mac apps, including Final Cut Pro, Maya and Photoshop. Users’ iPad can be connected to Mac via a cable or wirelessly.

To update your Mac, just go to System Preferences, click on Software Update and install the new software or get it from the App Store.

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