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The Huawei Mate 30 series was launched without Google Mobile Services (GMS), meaning no Play Store as well as access to apps like Gmail, WhatsApp and Maps. There were talks about side-loading GMS onto the device, albeit unofficially of course – and in that vein, several videos have emerged showcasing the device with said Google Play access, most of which were attained via a workaround in the form a third-party app called LZ Play.

For a while, that seemed to be the go-to option to get Google apps onto the Mate 30 devices – but it seems that even that is now no longer possible as the app has disappeared. According to Slash Gear, researcher John Wu examined LZ Play and learned of the dangers that the app could present to the users’ security. Once installed, the app has system-level access, it uses undocumented Huawei APIs and bypassed Android’s security system.

That may sound fine considering you’re pretty much going about getting Google services illegally – people who choose to do this know the risks. The report says that a backdoor would’ve been placed in your system which could open up affected devices to all sorts of nastiness.

In any case, Huawei has made it clear that they won’t unlock the phone’s bootloader for the purpose of side-loading, and now with the disappearance of LZ Play, it seems like Mate 30 owners should just get used to Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) until the whole trade war concludes.

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