Samsung Galaxy Fold is far from being just a dream as its finally confirmed to launch in Malaysia. Samsung Malaysia announced that its pre-order campaign in Malaysia will be happening soon, while the pre-order campaign has already begun in other countries and sold out in Singapore and Korea.

When Samsung Singapore launched the pre-order campaign for the Galaxy Fold last month, the innovative device sold out on the first day itself. However, the company also offered registration of interest for those who wish to purchase the phone so they can be notified on its availability. 

Technically, we can already purchase the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia. The phone is currently being sold by retailer Mobile2Go although its not the local set. The previous expected price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is around RM8,000 but we’re unsure if there will be changes to the device’s price since. 

Either way, the phone is definitely a luxurious item that isn’t affordable to many of us. Will you be willing to spit out your savings to get this premium device?

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