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We don’t usually write about or talk all that much about video games – but when we do, it’s usually because it’s big news or Victor has something he wants off his chest.

This is the latter – hi folks, Victor signing in. I’m an avid FIFA fan – been sinking hours upon hours into the franchise since the FIFA 08 (prime Fernando Torres was my drug). So you can believe me when I say this issue bugs me to no end.

FIFA 20 receives embarrassingly low 0.3/10 User Score on Metacritic 1

If you’re a fan yourself, then you’d know what a mess FIFA 20 and its creators EA are in right now – the new iteration of the game was released a few days back, and it’s already got a user Metacritic score of 1.3 for the PS4, 1.0 for the Xbox One, and a hilariousl 0.3 for PC.

Part of the reason for this is that the main problem plaguing the series still remain – microtransactions and the lack of innovation outside the money-making Ultimate Team mode. EA charges full price for what is essentially a roster update and game mode patch for FIFA 19.

FIFA 20 receives embarrassingly low 0.3/10 User Score on Metacritic 2
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After years of players nagging them to do something with Career Mode, EA have finally listened…sort of. They’ve added a few new features like player and conference dialogues, a new player potential growth system and more. But the improvements are overshadowed by the amount of game-breaking bugs that exist in the game already.

The hashtag #FixCareerMode, spearheaded by YouTuber MGH, has gone on the trending list – meaning players far and wide are miffed about the state of the game mode. You add this to a what is essentially a football game with microtransactions and luck-based loots, you can see why the game has earned its low Metacritic scores.

One may think that players are just overreacting to the issues – but you have to remember that EA employ ‘Game Changers’ which is a community partnership program that allows creators and users to provide feedback to the developers. Game Changers often gather their own points as well as those of their followers, and then relay that to those in charge of making the game in hopes that issues will be ironed out before launch. MGH, who’s also part of the program, have confirmed that EA have not implemented any of the feedback provided, relinquishing any value the program has.

That’s it, I’m done with my little rant – it’s up to you, the consumer, on whether you want to support a developer that clearly puts profits over customer satisfaction. With the community now being more vocal than ever about EA’s shady business practices, I’m hoping the American giants can turn a new leaf.

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