About a month ago, Nintendo released an official date to bring Mario Kart Tour to iOS and Android devices. That date is September 25, meaning the game is now officially available for download.

While the game is free for download, the game comes with a “Gold Pass” subscription that will cost $4.99/month. This subscription will provide users with extra things such as in-game items and badges, in addition to unlocking a 200cc mode. 

According to its website, first-time users can get a two-week free trial when they subscribe for Gold Pass. However, those who purchase Gold Pass will not be able to transfer their subscription if the old and new devices aren’t under the same OS.

Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour is official; comes with a Gold Pass subscription 1What you may have not noticed is that the Gold Pass subscription is similarly priced as Apple Arcade and Apple Arcade has Sonic Racing, which is quite similar to Mario Kart Tour. But then again, the Apple Arcade subscription will also give you access to over 100 games, which is definitely more value-worthy compared to the Mario Kart Tour. 

That being said, you can always get the Gold Pass if you’re a hardcore Mario fan. No worries, we won’t judge.


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