Microsoft is at it again with faulty Windows 10 updates – their latest September 10 update, KB4515384, has been acknowledged by the American company themselves as being the culprit to several issues.

After installation of the update, some users will experience lower than normal volume levels in certain video games, and the bigger issue is that it kills your device’s network card when you attempt to do a search with Cortana in the start menu and task bar.

New Windows 10 update kills your network card and lowers video game volume 1
Image credit: Microsoft

Ironically, the patch was introduced to fix issues in SearchUI.exe where by Cortana utlizises high CPU usage. Funnily enough, Microsoft notes in the patch notes that this issue is experienced by a “small number of users” only, but the patch seems to have affected even more.

As of now, Microsoft has only provided a workaround for the audio issue, which you can read up here. As for the network problem, users have shared that there’s no other option but to roll back to an older patch and wait for a proper fix.

Oh Microsoft, when will you learn. In the meantime, if you see that update popping up, we suggest staying clear of it until things get sorted out.


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