Aside from the Pixel 4, we’re also expecting Google to launch an updated Home Mini smart speaker called the Google Nest Mini. While it does look pretty similar to the Google Home Mini, it does come with some minor changes.

We’ve yet to see pictures of the Google Nest Mini, but sketches of it have revealed a wall mount. The current Google Home Mini doesn’t have that and will require an extra accessory for users to be able to hang it on their wall.

The new Google Nest Mini comes with a wall mount so you can hang it on your wall 1In addition, there’s a cutout that could either be the mute switch or an audio port. The mute switch on the Google Home Mini has been quite practical to protect users’ privacy, but an audio port would be great too since it’ll let users connect the speaker to a laptop or phone. 

We’ll just have to wait for Google to confirm our speculations, but if rumours are true, then the Pixel 4 and the Google Nest Mini will be debuting in October.

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