We’re sure you’ve been smothered with Apple-related news for most of today, so being the kind souls that we are (please ignore that we also wrote extensively about Apple today), we’re going to be that much-needed break in the Apple course with some Android news!

Image credit: Brandon Lee

We’ve seen quite a bit of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 of late – but new developments say that the phone will come equipped with a Motion Sense feature, which lets you use gestures to perform a list of tasks, like switch songs, silence alarms, take phone calls and more.

Powered by Google’s Soli chip, Pixel’s sensing technology uses miniature radars to detect gestures. It lets you mimic familiar gestures to do everyday tasks – say unlock your phone by gesturing turning a key?

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Based on the Google ATAP website for the project, other gestures that you can do include pinching to mimic pressing a button, rubbing your thumb and index finger together in a twisting motion to mimic turning a dial and pinching your fingers and sliding it from side to side to mimic adjusting a slider. However, the leaked images doesn’t show these features yet, but we reckon software updates will implement them into the Google Pixel 4.

If this news is true, you’ll be touching yourself very often if you buy the Google Pixel 4. The phone of course will ship with Android 10, here’s our quick take on how the new OS fares:


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