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Big news has emerged from the telco arena – reports have said merger talks between Axiata Group Bhd and Telenor SA have been canned.

The proposed merger would’ve seen Axiata’s Celcom and Telenor’s Digi share infrastructures and telecom assets.

Both brands are strong players in the industry, a merger could’ve given Maxis – who’re currently top player – a run for their money.

The Star reports complexities in the proposed transaction as main causes of a fall out between both parties. The report continues by saying that both camps had worked diligently across four months to find common ground.

Earlier on, there were also talks that should the merger have happened, significant jobs cuts would’ve taken place – however, these were just rumours.

Despite broken down talks of the merger, we reckon both Celcom and Digi will continue to flourish under their current respective leaderships. For us consumers, it means more options and better prices.

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