As you know, we saw the introduction of the Black Shark 2 Pro in Malaysia yesterday – not much as changed from the original, except for an upgrade in the chipset to the Snapdragon 855+. Everything else, bar a few added features, remained unchanged.

One of the things left unchanged was the use of a 60Hz Samsung AMOLED display panel – which pales in comparison to its competitors, the Asus ROG Phone 2 and upcoming Nubia Red Magic 3S with their 120Hz and 90Hz panels respectively.

Black Shark 2 Pro only has a 60Hz display - Black Shark representatives explain why 1

So naturally during the press conference, the media poked and prodded Black Shark representatives at the chance that they’d spill the beans. They say that the Black Shark 2 Pro only has a 60Hz panel because mobile games today don’t run higher than 60 FPS anyway.

Razer Phone 2

That’s true in a way, suggesting that 90Hz and 120Hz panels on gaming smartphones are a hoax- but wait up, Razer Phone 2’s UltraMotion display lets you play games at 120 FPS, granted these games are optimized to run at that rate. Plus, recent reports suggest that a PUBG Mobile beta is being tested out in China that uncaps framerates to 90 and 120.

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So perhaps ROG and Nubia are doing the right thing by using higher refresh rate panels – in the sense that it encourages developers to create games that run at that rate. Because it would be in these brands’ best interest to make gaming smartphone catch on as a viable purchase, so Black Shark 2 Pro’s reluctance to push forward in this area could hamper any progress to change the landscape of mobile gaming.

Black Shark 2 Pro only has a 60Hz display - Black Shark representatives explain why 2

Maybe we’re reading too much into it, maybe Black Shark just wanted to save a few bucks with the 60Hz panels; maybe anything more really is just a gimmick. But hey, because these phones are so expensive, users should be using them for a few years down the line – by then, when games do get uncapped frame rates, Black Shark might have just lost a slice of the pie.

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