News of Huawei’s trade war between the US have been dying down a bit lately, but it seems like the Chinese company isn’t in the clear yet.

According to Reuters, a Google spokesperson have made it clear that Huawei is not allowed to sell any of their devices with licenced versions of Android or any Google apps and services. We thought the who kerfuffle (yes, I use this word every time I write about the trade ban) was behind us, and Huawei is safe to pre-load their devices with apps like Maps, Gmail and the sort.

But no, we’re seemingly back to square one – and this bad news for Huawei since they’re prepping to launch their Mate 30 series very soon. Huawei gone on to say that HongMeng OS, or Harmony OS won’t be implemented in their smartphones.

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Although an extension allowed Huawei to purchase supplies from US companies and to work on their existing devices, the Huawei Mate 30 series is excluded from this list simply because it’s new. According to the report, a total of 130 companies had requested for licenses to work with Huawei, but it is unsure if Google is one of them, and based on this news, it doesn’t seem likely.

We reckon this will either delay the official launch of the Mate 30, or Huawei will be forced to use Harmony OS instead. Either way they play it, Huawei is in for a rough ride.

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