We know Samsung is ready to launch its Galaxy Fold in September, but news of the Galaxy Fold being available for pre-registration in China made it more surreal.

The device that was supposed to be launched a few months back has been postponed until recently due to the faulty hardware discovered by the first batch of tech reviewers. The Galaxy Fold’s screen was easily broken and reviewers were peeling off its outer layer that they thought was a screen protector causing even more issues.

Samsung started pre-registration for the Galaxy Fold in China 1Since then, Samsung has made its amendments and ensure that the protective outer layer extends beyond the bezel so users understand that it’s not meant to be peeled off. The device also received various reinforcements to prevent dust particles from entering.

We can assume that Samsung reopens the pre-registration in China without involving any amount of money yet because they want to prove a point — they are confident that the Galaxy Fold is ready to be released to the market. There hasn’t been any official launch date yet, but one thing we can be sure of? The price will remain luxurious.

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