The iPhone 11 is coming next month, but a recent tweet from ChargerLab suggests that the phone will have a USB-C charger in its box.

The tweet by ChargerLab shows the screenshot of a conversation with someone who says the inclusion of USB-C charger is confirmed by a high-level executive (in Apple) so it’s very likely that this is not a hoax. 

That being said, it’s unlikely that it’ll be a charger like the iPad Pro’s. Instead, it’ll be a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, so the new iPhone will still sport a Lightning port but get faster charging with the new charger. This is also not Apple’s first in offering USB-C charing; the newer MacBooks and the iPad Pro 2018 are already integrated with USB-C ports.

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Android users may never understand but Apple users will be glad that the iPhones can finally charge faster without needing third-party chargers. If it’s anything like the iPad Pro, we should be seeing an 18W charger in the box when we get the iPhone 11.


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