Off-Facebook Activity

One thing that we all haven’t been realizing is how much Facebook is tracking our web activities to help advertisers reach out to their target audiences, which can be annoying at times where we don’t want to be targeted by irrelevant ads and have our data sold to advertisers.

Fortunately, Facebook has now released a tool simply called Off-Facebook Activity to let you clear off Facebook tracked web activities, though it is only available in Ireland, South Korea and Spain at this point of time.

Off Facebook ActivityThe tool will show you apps and websites that tracks and sends your data back to Facebook, which will be available under the ‘Your Facebook Information’ section when it reaches your supported country.

Users can choose which app or website that they want to revoke access to their data, or clear all off-Facebook activity history. Facebook does warn that users might be able to find some unfamiliar website and services in the tool, mainly because users can be unaware of the content they have been consuming online and some websites could possibly be tracking their data and sending back to Facebook for ad targeting purposes.

Facebook has faced several backlashes for managing its users’ privacy and has been working hard to introduce features that help users better manage their privacy, introducing this tool somehow helps regain that trust, there’s no way if Facebook is going to let you disable tracking forever as it would hurt advertisers.



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