Image credit: The Star

For all your gripes with them, toll and highway concessionaires have always tried to make paying for tolls a seamless process – the tried-and-tested methods of course being Touch N’ Go as well as Smart Tag. With the introduction of MyRFID, we now have a new method of paying, and it’s said to replace the use of Smart Tags.

According to a report by Berita Harian, the toll-paying process could become even easier – the report says that PLUS will soon allow highway users to pay using their debit, credit cards and e-wallets as well, which should all be linked to the drivers’ RFID tags.

This does away with having to reload credit on cards and e-wallets even, which is a big plus if you’re a forgetful person.

This comes as PLUS aims to beef up their toll infrastructures by offering more payment options to drivers by the end of this year.

Managing Director of PLUS Azman Ismail said that drivers with insufficient funds in their cards are contributing factors to congestion at toll plazas. He adds that with the introduction of this new payment method, we should see less congestion happening.

PLUS also adds that they are upgrading a total of 1,400 CCTV cameras to UHD ones to aid in traffic analysis; while a number of cameras will also be installed at 24-hour R&R locations too.


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