A recent patent from Xiaomi reveals how they envision their foldable smartphone to be, and from what we’ve seen from the patent, Xiaomi’s foldable phone is likely to come with triple camera on its rear.

A few months back, Xiaomi President Lin Bin appeared in a video holding a foldable smartphone that folds vertically on both sides, just like the design shown in the patent. In addition, both the video and the patent share something in common — the lack of front camera. It could be possible that Xiaomi will use a pop-up selfie camera, but that’s just our guess.

Xiaomi’s triple rear camera will cause a slight bump at the back, though that’s not something that bothers everyone. Like its previous video, the patent shows the phone with two hinges and if the patent is legit, you’ll be sporting a USB-C port at its bottom.

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Everyone wants to produce their own foldable phone, but if these foldable phones are priced like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, there’s no doubt that these phones won’t appeal to the majority of the current smartphone consumers.


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