Image credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Jane Manchun Wong is at it again! According to the tech blogger who loves to use reverse engineering to discover new features, Twitter is found to be testing out a Snooze feature.

With this Snooze button, Twitter users will be able to silent their notifications for a while to prevent distractions. Users will be given three time periods — 1 hour, 3 hours and 12 hours. However, the notifications will still appear in their Notifications tab so there’s no need to worry that the notifications will disappear.

The Snooze button sports a slashed bell icon and appears at the top right of the app next to the settings button. Twitter users can also choose to un-Snooze their notifications by clicking the bell button again.

There’s no definite certainty as to whether Twitter will officially launch this feature, but we don’t see why anyone will come to dislike this feature.

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