If you’re a Google Voice user, then you should know that Google has decided to block its voicemail transcription feature starting from August 9.

“Get voicemail via message” feature is one that allows users to get voicemail transcripts via their SMS apps, but it will soon get shut down because it has caused several issues that revolve around spam calls.

Carriers are blocking this Google Voice feature because it has led to many robocalls that cause many of the transcripts voicemails to be labelled as spam. Due to this, users sometimes can’t receive important voicemails and the feature becomes irrelevant. 

Seeing as the feature is no longer practical, Google has decided to shut it down for good and has also informed the users who have been using the said feature. However, the company also mentioned that users will still be able to get their voicemail transcription via the “Get voicemail via email” feature. Google Voice also offers iOS, Android and web apps for users to access their voicemails and transcripts.

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