You can now play Blizzard’s original Diablo on your web browser, thanks to some reverse engineering from GalaXyHaXz and Devilution.

The project began back in 2018 as an archival of the original 1996 version of the game – with the game’s bugs and bad coding, the team had to reconstruct the source code. They eventually landed on creating a browser port that requires you to download a shareware version of the game and play it via this link.

Play the original Diablo from 1996 on your browser now 1

It’s not the full game however – only three character classes and the first two areas of the dungeon are available. If you want to play the full game, you’ll need the original DIABDAT.MPQ file from the full game if you have it – or purchase it on CoG.

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This playing more on nostalgia than anything – maybe you can upload the MPW file onto your cloud storage and have it run on your browser anywhere you are when you get bored.

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