Google is reported to be developing a subscription service that will allow subscribers to access premium apps and this service is dubbed Play Pass.

According to Android Police, Google has already confirmed the existence of the subscription, though there’s almost minimal information about it. Currently, Play Pass is reported to cost S4.99 a month with a 10-day free trial for those who’d like to test it out.

Google is testing Play Pass — a subscription service that gives you access to premium apps 1We could say that it’s similar to Apple Arcade — the in-game subscription service, but it’s more than that. Play Pass will include other premium apps that aren’t just in the game category — perhaps music apps and fitness apps.

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The assumption now would be that if you’re subscribed to Play Pass, games that usually require payment for you to download them will automatically become free. In-app purchases will also be covered, which could really save us some amount of money. However, it is just an assumption, especially since it might be affecting the profits of those apps.

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