Samsung may have been quiet for a while, but now the company has announced the return of its Galaxy Fold, set to launch in September.

The foldable phone was first announced in April but was then faced with fault screen issues that have caused its launch to be delayed until further notice. It seems like Samsung has finally found a solution to the screen, allowing it to be folded without breaking easily.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally problem-free; set for September launch 1According to the Korean tech giant, a few amendments and enhancements have been made, including strengthening its hinge with protection caps and adding reinforcements to prevent external particles from damaging the device. The top protective layer of the display — which was the major cause of the screen issue once removed — is now “extended beyond the bezel” to prevent users from thinking that it’s a removable component.

Samsung reports that they are now performing final product tests to ensure that the Galaxy Fold will be ready for the consumer market but apparently it will only be made available in select markets. More details will be released when it’s closer to the launch.

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