Overwatch Role Queue
Image credit: Dexerto

It’s about three years late, Blizzard, but we appreciate this. Overwatch is subject to role queue (finally) and is currently being tested out on the PTR server.

So how it works is that players can choose a role they want to play and they will be queued in a classic 2-2-2 system, two tanks, two DPS, and two supports. This will be implemented in Casual and Competitive modes – so the only way to opt of the queue would be in Arcade.

Image credit: Blizzard

On ranked, each player is required to complete five placement matches for each role – which will grant theme separate MMRs for each one.

It all sounds great on paper, but in lower MMRs (like myself), you can expect long waiting times when you queue for DPS – because everyone plays DPS, EVERYONE. Blizzard plans to enforce balance by introducing better incentives like free loot boxes and such for lesser-played roles.

This could potentially revitalize the game, and perhaps bring back old players to give Overwatch another shot. Role queue will be available this September in Season 18 of Competitive play.


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