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So you may have head of Nintendo’s new Switch Lite – a portable-only little brother to the regular Switch. It’s fully handheld, doesn’t connect to the TV, but lets you join in on multiplayer with other Switch players. It also has supposedly has better battery life than the standard version. 

Nintendo Switch may be getting an upgrade in battery life after release of the Switch Lite this September 1

But now, Nintendo is making “battery” the keyword with their newest offering – a unifier of sorts in their Switch line-up, is apparently a regular switch console, that has the best battery life compared to the two other consoles. 

GameSpot reports that the current Switch boasts a battery life of 2.5-6.5 hours; but the new-and-improved Switch will offer between 4.5 and 9 hours of game time. Plus, since it’s essentially the regular Switch with a bigger battery, you can connect this to your TV.  

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be priced at around RM824, around RM300 cheaper than the two-year-old standard Switch; but according to GameSpot, the newest iteration will be priced similarly to the regular Switch, so although with its bigger battery, you may still consider the Switch Lite due to its price. 

As the Nintendo Switch Lite is set for a September release date, we can expect this bigger battery Switch to come sometime October. 

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