To promote a healthy community, Instagram has announced a new account disable policy that ensures inappropriate accounts are more efficiently removed when found in violation of their policies. 

From today onwards, accounts that are found to be violating Instagram’s policies will be given a warning and have their inappropriate posts, stories or comments removed. However, users are given a chance to appeal for the content Instagram deleted in case it was a misunderstanding. If the content was proven to be within community guidelines, it will then be restored and the user’s account will no longer have a violation record.

Instagram's new policy will warn users if their accounts are at risk of being disabled 1

That being said, accounts that continue to go against the community guidelines even after being warned will be disabled and removed. Users can still appeal for their disabled accounts, but unlike appealing for their content which can be done via the alert, users will need to appeal through the Help Centre.

Just last week, Instagram has introduced two new features to prevent offensive comments from online bullies. Instagram users can restrict bullies by only making their offensive comments visible to themselves so that others will not be able to view and further reply to said comments.


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