Twitter has been undergoing some changes recently and now the social media platform has decided to introduce a new version of itself with improved appearance, navigation and usability.

Just like Instagram’s Explore tab, Twitter will be getting its own Explore page that will include personalised live videos and moments for users no matter what they are. In addition, Twitter is introducing Bookmarks, meaning Twitter users will be able to bookmark tweets that they’d want to save for reading later.

Twitter already has its own Dark Mode, but apparently, it wasn’t as dark as its users wanted it to be. The current Dark Mode uses dark blue colours instead of black, but Twitter’s about to change that. The social media platform will soon bring in black and grey colours for its Dark Mode, making it the ultimate dark theme that its users have been looking for.

Other highlights include easier access to Direct Messages that expands so you can send messages while being able to look at other conversations, and also easier methods of switching accounts. 

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