Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is still nowhere to be seen, but Samsung has a new patent that reveals another way to turn their phone into a tablet.

Renders from LetsGoDigital shows a Samsung patent where its hidden screen can be pulled out from the side of the device, turning it into a tablet. So, instead of a foldable solution, Samsung may be taking a new approach to preventing the problems that are caused by folding its smartphone screen.

Samsung's patent suggests a retractable solution to foldable phones 1
Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Unfortunately, the patent did not reveal how the new approach actually works. For all we know, it could be slide out, roll out or even be a layer that is hidden behind the primary screen. However, we did notice that the phone patent sports dual front cameras.

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As it’s only a patent, it might be possible that it will never reach us consumers, though it does look like a promising solution to the easily broken Galaxy Fold. We’re not going to get our hopes up because we know it’ll just be another pricey device not everyone can afford.


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